Thanksgiving Blessings


“Community is first of all a quality of the heart.
It grows from the spiritual knowledge that we are alive
not for ourselves but for one another.”

Henri Nouwen

As the nights lengthen and days become shorter
preparations begin for the coming winter.
It is also the season of “thanks-giving” –
a perfect time to pause, slow the pace, count blessings
and feel gratitude for the abundance in our lives …
family, friends, listening hearts, shared stories,
the lingering colors in nature, plentiful food and water,
those who have gone before us making our very existence possible,
all we hold dear in the silence of our hearts . . .

Let us remember to live in gratitude each day through our
generosity of spirit, compassionate responses and service to others.

Wishing you a most thoughtful and happy Thanksgiving –

Marist School and the Admissions Office Team

Quotation by Henri J.M. Nouwen from “Bread for the Journey.”
Art: “One Sacred Community” by Mary Southard, CSJ

e-message from Ministry of the Arts

Advent, Christmas, and New Year Blessings!

On behalf of Marist School, we in the Admissions Office would like to wish you and your family Advent blessings, a most joyous Christmas, and happy New Year!

Please enjoy this video message from Marist School – Marist Quartet

Special thanks to Christopher ’14, Bryce ’15, Brendan ’16, Nick ’17 and Mr. Tim Johnson of the Fine Arts Department.

Jim Byrne ’83
Director of Admissions


Marist Graffiti

As these days have been so humid, the stairwells have been steamy and water has collected on the windows.  I have noticed a rogue group of 9th grade girls writing messages on the windows.

I thought you’d like to know what Marist students write:

  • Have you seen God today?
  • Have you been grateful today?
  • Tell someone you love them
  • I love school
  • You look beautiful!

I’m sure Fr. Colin would be proud…

it may be difficult to see so read below:

it may be a bit difficult to read – very cool!

Essential Elements of a Marist Education

Essential Elements of a Marist Education:

How do you find the education you want for your child? Begin with a school’s mission statement and see how it is experienced by all members of its community.

Our mission at Marist School is to form the whole person in the image of Christ through instruction grounded in religious values, the teachings of the Catholic Church, and the spirit of the Society of Mary.  Our mission shapes the experiences of students in our classrooms, hallways, playing fields, and stages.

Primarily, we seek to educate by using the example of Mary, the mother of Jesus and the first disciple of Jesus.  According to the advice given in the 1850s by the founder of the Society of Mary, Father Jean-Claude Colin, to the faculty of the very first Marist school, we should seek to “think, feel, judge, and act as Mary would.”

Practically speaking, this advice gives our teachers, staff and administrators the following guidelines to build a relationship, as Mary would, with our students:

  • Never hold something against a student; they are still young.
  • Forgive students, and tell them that they are forgiven.
  • Hold students accountable for their actions, but don’t judge them personally.
  • Show students how to pray by praying before them and giving them opportunities to do the same.
  • Engage the students – talk to them with respect, ask a leading question, check the sarcasm.
  • Hold out hope when dealing with students and, if possible, offer them another chance.
  • Encourage students to make their own choices, and offer to help in guiding their decisions.
  • Take special interest in the student who needs extra care; be aware and include everyone as much as possible.
  • Have fun with students but never at their expense.
  • Be ready to apologize to a student if you have acted rashly or unfairly.
  • Advocate for students if and when that is required.

These elements are emphasized intentionally in our community, and we believe it makes a difference in the development of each child. We encourage our students to embrace these ideals and use them in their relationships with others.

As you explore our Marist School community further, I am confident you will see each of these in action.

Jim Byrne ‘83

Director of Admissions