Morning Prayer:
September 26, 2016
Prayer by Fr. Joel Konzen, SM, Principal

Good morning.  We’re halfway through the first term and halfway through the fall sports seasons.  Most of us are ready to see some genuine fall weather.  We’re officially in fall now, but this week should see us finally drop to the 80’s from the 90’s.  It’s a start.

Some of us feel like we’re moving from the heat of summer, as far as our lives go, and into autumn.  Autumn is the season in literature that symbolizes aging, moving on to the latter stages in life, maybe using all that you’ve learned along the way to aid those who are in the springtime of life, young people.  People like me have the autumn of life written all over us; you can see that we have left youth behind.  Life is richest when people in every season of life are mingling and working together to share what they know and use their skills to assist others.  Those of you who are seniors and juniors are in a different season even from the Foundations students and you use your seniority to assist the new students, just as you are definitely in a different season from those truly young people in the Early Learning Center.  This is the way a school, or any organization, flourishes: it uses the contributions of each age group to form a healthy, breathing organism that is fully alive.

The following is a short poem by Amy Lowell entitled “Autumn”:

All day I have watched the purple vine leaves
Fall into the water.
And now in the moonlight they still fall,
But each leaf is fringed with silver.

Let us pray.

O God, we bring you all that we are, always incomplete and always in need of your fulfillment, your grace.  Help us to see the silver, to see the blessing in whatever passes in front of us today, so that we might give you the praise that is due for your wonder, your magnificence, for your springtimes that become autumns and for all the days in between.  May we love you more dearly for the love of the passing of each day and the bounty that it brings.  Make us mindful of those whose days are not long and of those whose days are filled with challenge and suffering.  In all that, we praise your gracious presence, especially in the form of Jesus, your Son, who is our Lord, this day and forever.  Amen.

Mary, Seat of Wisdom. Pray for Us.

Marist’s Peace Pole Dedication


Below is an excerpt from our Peace Pole Dedication this morning:

“Good morning and welcome to our Dedication of the Peace Pole. Some of you will remember that we blessed the Peace Pole at our Family Mass last Sunday. We now will plant and dedicate it here in Alumni Plaza for all to see.
Sponsoring our Dedication are members from Marist Peace by Piece, Mosaic and Model UN, and other students from our Marist Community.

A Peace Pole is an internationally-recognized symbol of the hopes and dreams of the entire human family, standing vigil in silent prayer for peace on earth. Each Peace Pole bears the message “May Peace Prevail on Earth” in different languages on each of its sides. There are tens of thousands of Peace Poles in nearly every country in the world dedicated as monuments to peace. Today, we take time to plant this peace pole on the Marist School Campus, remembering the tragedies of September 11, 2001, affirming the United Nations International Day of Peace on September 21st, and relying on the spirit of Jesus, the Prince of Peace to give us strength to build a world of justice.

The vision for September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows was born when a small group of family members of those killed on 9/11 became connected after reading each other’s’ pleas for nonviolent and reasoned responses to the terrorist attacks. Our name comes from a statement made by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “Wars are poor chisels for carving out peaceful tomorrows.”

David Potorti is co-founder of September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows. His brother, Jim Potorti, died at the World Trade Center. For the 10th Anniversary, he wrote:
“the lesson of 9/11 might be that we live in a connected world. That we have a shared destiny, even with those we fear or hate. That we rise or fall together, the rich, the poor, those with everything to live for and those with nothing left to lose. As Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

On this…. anniversary of September 11th, let us honor those we lost by recognizing our kinship with people all over the world whose faces mirror those of our mothers, our fathers and our children. Let us recover the sense of unity we experienced in the days after 9/11. And let us remember and return to the uniquely American values and principles that will guarantee peaceful tomorrows for everyone.”

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English & Chinese

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an Expanding Heart

Morning Prayer:
September 13, 2016
Prayer by Mrs. Linda MacLean, VP Finance

Good Morning Marist!!

Today is my son’s birthday. He is the youngest of three, and turns 22. Before I go any further, to those of you sharing this day, happy birthday!

Birthdays were a big deal in our house. One of our traditions was to fill our kitchen patio door with silly pictures of the birthday boy or girl, complete with goofy captions. It was our way to celebrate and to remember lots of different things that we hadn’t thought about for a while.

I love birthdays for that reason. Birthdays remind me to think back and spend time with my memories. Last night, I thought about birthdays and the day that each of my kids were born, beginning with the birth of my first daughter. As a new mother, I was certain that my heart would burst with my love for her. Then, almost two years later, I was about to give birth to her little sister, and truthfully, as excited as I was, part of me was VERY scared. Why? Because I was not sure that I could ever love my second daughter as much as I loved my first…I wondered if there would be enough room in my heart to love another as much.

When she was born, I found out that my heart could expand and love her just as much. And then it happened again when my son was born.

As I was thinking about it, I realized that God gives us the gift of an “expanding heart” every single day. He knows that His love is so abundant, and he wants us to pour this love outward towards others.

Dear loving God,
This week, as we commission our peace pole, help us put your abundant love into action. Allow our hearts to expand to love each other, just a bit more, each day.

Mary, Seat of Wisdom, Pray for us.

Ireland Trip Recap

Packed up and ready to go, the War Eagle football team jetsetted 3,921 miles east to take on the Belen Jesuit Wolverines in Dublin, Ireland. Late Tuesday night the team, cheerleaders, and managers flew into Dublin. Fresh off their flight, they went straight to touring. First, the team got the opportunity to see Maldahide Castle and got in a practice in the cool 60-degree weather.

photo 1photo 2

The following day the team, cheerleaders, and managers had the opportunity to visit 3 Marist schools in Ireland: Channel College, Marist Primary School, and St. Mary’s College. Here they were able to learn that Marist schools are not all that different and are tied together by the fact that we are Marist.

Channel College

Channel College

photo 4

photo 7

Following the school visits, the team got in another practice at University College Dublin and quickly went off to the parade and pep rally being held for us at Trinity College.

photo 5photo 6

(All the Georgia schools that attended: Blessed Trinity, Marist, and Westminster)

Finally, the big day was here! Friday morning the team went to Boyne Valley and then returned to the hotel to prepare for their big game. That afternoon, Marist defeated Belen Jesuit 27-0.

photo 9photo 10

photo 11

The final day was spent watching the Georgia Tech v Boston College game. There, in a nail biting end, Georgia Tech won 17-14. After the game, Marist was able to go the banquet celebrating all the high schools that took part in the games. It was there that senior Jack O’Keefe received the Global Student Ambassador Award.

photo 12photo 13

All in all, this trip was such a blessing to take part in and surely created memories that will last a lifetime.

photo 6

I Love You This Much!

Morning Prayer:
August 31, 2016
Prayer by Caroline Dietrich ’17

Growing up, my parents always wanted us to understand the importance of telling the people that we love just how much they mean to us. My parents tucked me into bed mostly every night. We’d read a story, say our prayers, and then we always liked to play a little game. My mom or dad, whoever it was that night, would begin by holding out their hands close together, saying “I don’t just love you this much” then spread out their hands a little farther apart, again saying “I don’t just love you this much” and again and again until finally their arms were stretched out as far as they possibly could saying, “I love you this much” implying that their love was more than they could possibly express.

We may not realize it, but the same thing happens with God.

God filled the world with so much beauty. He gave us mountains and valleys, sunsets, rivers and oceans but God said, “I don’t just love you this much”

He gave us our own minds, to think, to learn, to grow and to choose right from wrong. But again he said, “I don’t just love you this much”

He gave us people. Friends, family, teachers and role models. He gave us people who we can learn from, connect with and understand the beauty of community. But God said, “I don’t just love you this much”

Then God gave us Jesus. His son. His ultimate attempt for us to know just what we mean to Him. He gave us His son who was led to the cross for our sins. For our guilt. And it was there on the cross where Jesus stretched His arms out as far as He possibly could, that he, himself took our pain, our regret, our sin. It was there that God said, “I love you this much”.

We so often forget our importance to God because of how easy it is to feel insignificant in this huge world. But if you look around at His creations, the sky, the trees, the people sitting next to you, all of these things are a reminder of just how much we are loved by our father. Each day, each breathe, each mistake we make is a gift from Him, a message from Him saying, “I love you this much”.

Dear God,

Thank you for the gift of today. Please allow each of us to recognize your unending love by the gifts you have given us. Be with us and remind us that your love can overcome all things.


Mary, Seat of wisdom, Pray for Us.

Why Uniforms?

Morning Prayer:
August 30, 2016
Prayer by Ms. Perrin Rains, English Department

I love uniforms.  They’re simple.  When you put on a uniform before school, you save yourself tons of time, and energy.  I don’t know about you, but those are two things that I never have enough of in the morning.  I love uniforms because they help you practice dressing neatly for a career in a profession one day.  I love that they make you look scholarly and serious about your studies.

I’m proud to work at Marist, where we ask our students to wear uniforms.  And, not just for the reasons I already mentioned.  The word “uniform” comes from the Latin “uni,” meaning “one,” and “formis,” meaning “shape.”  Things that are uniform have one shape.  They are constant.  Unvarying.  So, I love that our uniforms help blur some of our differences and make it harder, at least for a little while, to figure out who belongs in which clique.  I love that our uniforms challenge you to express who you are as a person in an authentic way.  Now, I know, you’re probably outraged right now at the suggestion that your uniform actually helps you express yourself, but bear with me.  Your uniform takes away your ability to show others your interests through your style choices.  So, you can’t rely on superficial things like brand names, and piercings, and jerseys, to show everyone else what you like or dislike.  Instead, when you’re in uniform, you have to show other people who you are.  Are you a competitive athlete?  We won’t know until you show us by training beyond what Coach asks of you.  Are you a performer?  We won’t know until you sing for us in Woodruff.  Are you intelligent?  We won’t know until you ask a really interesting question in class.  Are you a nice?  Are you a good friend?  Are you honest?  You have to show us.  Uniforms push us to be more fully ourselves, and more fully who God calls us to be as individuals.

But, at the same time, our constant, unvarying uniforms are an outward reminder that we are one family here.  You, in your simple, tidy uniform are no more valuable and no less valuable than anyone else here.  You are fully and really part of this community.  You belong here.  And when you put on your Marist uniform every morning, you are stepping into the community and traditions of three generations of Marist students who have come before you.  When you put on your uniform, you are accepting the responsibilities and opportunities that have been given to you through the hard work and sacrifice of your parents and families.

Let us pray.

God, thank you for giving us the opportunity to come to Marist and wear its uniform every day.  Please give us courage to show others who we really are through our actions and our words.  And, help us to be the people our uniforms call us to be today – simple and authentic.


Mary, seat of Wisdom, pray for us.

Opening School Prayer

Morning Prayer:
August 22, 2016
Prayer by Fr. Joel Konzen, S.M., Principal

Good morning.  This is, schedule-wise, a normal week.  Who knows when the next one will be?  Let’s make the most of it and get busy.  Let us pray.

Lord God, source of who we are and provider of what we have, show us the way in the days ahead to be mindful of each other’s burdens, to seek to cheer a heart that is heavy—be that our own or that of a friend, and to remain steadfast in our desire to be faithful followers of Jesus your Son, day in and day out.  By your Holy Spirit, may we know how to fill our minds and hearts with all that we will need to be good stewards of your creation and of the future that lies ahead.  This we ask in Jesus Christ, our way and truth and life.  Amen.

Mary, Seat of Wisdom, Pray for Us.