Marist Graffiti

As these days have been so humid, the stairwells have been steamy and water has collected on the windows.  I have noticed a rogue group of 9th grade girls writing messages on the windows.

I thought you’d like to know what Marist students write:

  • Have you seen God today?
  • Have you been grateful today?
  • Tell someone you love them
  • I love school
  • You look beautiful!

I’m sure Fr. Colin would be proud…

it may be difficult to see so read below:

it may be a bit difficult to read – very cool!

Bait and Switch

Morning Prayer: Bait and Switch
December 4, 2013
Prayer by Mr. Drew Ditzel ’01; Marist Theology Teacher:

A few years ago, I sat down to watch the movie Up with my wife. I was ready for a light hearted affair ala Finding Nemo. Amelia and I would share a few laughs. Have another exhilarating Friday night that ended by 9:30. It was going to be a great evening.

So imagine my surprise when eight minutes into the movie I found myself crying like a little child. I thought “kids watch this? How is this movie not rated R? I am balling my eyes out. This is some serious emotional manipulation.”

Pixar pulled a bait and switch. I don’t like bait and switches. I felt tricked and surprised.

You are probably feeling a bit of bait and switch right now. Why is this guy talking so much? I have homework that has become school work to do. I have rats to snowboard with and trucks to race. Pray and be done with it.

But the thing about the bait and switch, while we don’t like them at first, we remember them. I remember where I was sitting on my couch when Up ripped my heart out and trampled tears out of it. I remember what time of day it was, that it wasn’t quite dark.

With prayer, we think we know what is going to happen. Someone talks. We sort of listen. And then we mumble Mary Seat of wisdom and we move on. We don’t remember any of it.

Because deep down, we don’t think there is any chance of a bait and switch. We don’t think anything different is going to happen. We don’t think God is going to change anything. If we did, we would be wide awake. On edge to make sure someone doesn’t pray for God to do something we don’t have any interest in doing. If we did, we would treat prayer like the dangerous thing that it is.

This morning in the middle of my prayer, I am going to give you a moment of silence to lift your own prayer up. Maybe this morning you will pray differently. Like you don’t know what is going to happen once you say it. Pray like you will remember this moment. Pray like God might do something you could never expect like answer.

Good morning God,

Give us focus. Let us rest for at least one moment today here. Listen to our prayers this morning as we silently lift them to you.

 (silent moment)

Jesus, we admit we don’t think anything is going to happen. Bait and switch us Lord. And give us the faith to notice when you do.


Mary Seat of Wisdom …pray for us.


Morning Prayer: Patience…
November 19, 2013
Prayer by Emily ’14:

Ever since childhood, we have all been told that patience is a virtue. It can be hard at times, however, to see the necessity of patience. My most memorable experience occurred a couple years ago when I was at pole vaulting practice, working on a particular skill. I grew frustrated because I wasn’t getting it. I kept trying and trying, only to become more frustrated. My coach finally told me to stop. Suddenly she picked up a pebble and said to me, “Do you see this pebble? How long do you think it took for the big rock it started as to be grinded down to this itty-bitty pebble?” She then said, “It’s just like a diamond. You start with this huge, ugly rock. Over time, with work and help, the rock is chiseled away to become something beautiful.” She went on to explain that this is how I would master the skill. It would take time and patience, but I would get it down. Shortly after, I realized this is how our lives are. Often times, we find ourselves frustrated because we feel as though we keep failing or falling short of expectations. Yet, there is no simple answer to life. Like a diamond, our lives start confusing and sometimes ugly, but with the help and guidance of the Lord, we will uncover our own way to shine.

Let us pray.

Lord, teach me to be patient – with life, with people, and with myself. I sometimes try to hurry things along too much, and I push for answers before the time is right. Help me to trust Your sense of timing rather than my own, and to surrender my will to Your greater and wiser plan. Teach me to be patient as my life is chiseled at slowly. Amen.

Mary, Seat of Wisdom, pray for us.

War Eagle Fever Is…IN THE AIR!

As Coach Marshall would say, War Eagle Fever is certainly in the air as fall sports wind down and the Varsity Football Team heads to the playoffs. Last night, members of the Marist community gathered on the practice field for the annual Bonfire, an event highlighting fall sports accomplishments and building up spirit to support the Long Blue Line in the weeks to come.

War Eagle Fever is definitely IN THE AIR!!!

War Eagle Fever is definitely IN THE AIR!!!

To drum up support for activities across the Marist campus, Student Council has placed a special emphasis on building school spirit in addition to school pride this year. For the upcoming playoffs, a Spirit Banner covered in blue and gold handprints, fingerprints, and names is hanging in the cafeteria as a reminder of all the fans supporting the football team, cheerleaders, and marching band.

Wally the Wandering War Eagle stops by 7th grade Girls Chorus to spread School Spirit

Wally the Wandering War Eagle stops by 7th grade Girls Chorus to spread School Spirit

Whether it be High Five Friday to excite students before a great weekend, face paint and spirit tables at the football games, or the upcoming Wandering War Eagle Day, students have had more opportunities than ever to be involved and show their school spirit.

Wandering Wally met up with the Admissions team.

Wandering Wally met up with the Admissions team.

A Senior Tradition!

It is a tradition here at Marist School for the Senior Class to dress-up in their Halloween costumes (faculty is invited to join in on the fun as well!).

Starting with some cartoon characters…

The Incredibles!

The Incredibles!




Trophies – sprayed in all gold…

Can you believe the "Trophies"?!!

Can you believe the “Trophies”?!!

who knew there was a Roller Barbie…

Christmas Barbie, Roller Barbie, Birthday Barbie and Cowboy Barbie

Christmas Barbie, Roller Barbie, Birthday Barbie and Cowboy Barbie

a classic Chicago tribute…

Blues Brothers

Blues Brothers

Foundations teachers…

A Compound Sentence from our 7th grade teachers.

A Compound Sentence from our 7th grade teachers.

and what is a morning without bacon and eggs.

Bacon and Eggs!

Bacon and Eggs!

Happy Halloween from all of us here at Marist School!

My Own Holiday Tradition

My Own Holiday Tradition: by Mary Helen

Every year Marist School hosts hundreds of vendors on campus for a huge arts and crafts show called Holiday Traditions, and each year it gets bigger and better. Every year, my friend Anna and I go and walk around together. We make sure to set aside a few hours each year to get some shopping done and enjoy each other’s company. It is the kickoff to our holiday season.

Usually around Wednesday the week before Holiday Traditions, you begin to see signs of preparation on campus. Spaces are chalked out in the arcade for vendors, extension cords are spread out, and Christmas decorations are put up. You can feel the positive spirit in the air. That energy continues throughout the preparation to the day of the fair. Everyone is getting in the holiday spirit, so it is a happy time to be around campus.

Through our many trips to Holiday Traditions, Anna and I have learned that going later is best. Not only is there less of a crowd, but prices are also slashed towards the end of the day (a little shopping tip for next year, haha). I love walking around and shopping for gifts. There are so many cool booths with everything from bird houses, to hand knit mittens, to beautiful paintings. Without a doubt, my favorite place to stop by each year is the student vendor area. Each year I am amazed by the talents of Marist students. Coming from me, one of the least artistically gifted people in my family, it might not mean much, but the students always impress me. For example, one of my friends makes candles with his mom and sells them every year. And this year another boy in my grade was selling prints of gorgeous water colors he had painted. Plus, there are a lot of girls selling cute, hand-made jewelry. It is a great way to find out about talents you might not know people had and also for students to share talents with not only each other but also the community outside of Marist.

Anna and I come back each year not only for the great holiday shopping, but also to see people we know. Holiday Traditions serves as a gathering place for the Marist community and the greater community around Marist School. You are likely to see tons of Alumni, current students, teachers, and even friends from other schools as you walk up and down the rows. It is a fun time to relax and catch up with people you might not see very often. Plus, it is amazing to see the community come together and create such a great event each year.

Oh, how I’ve been blessed!

Morning Prayer: Oh, how I’ve been blessed!
Mission Trip Week – October 22, 2013
Prayer by Katie ’15:

For the past two years, I’ve gone on a mission trip called Catholic HEART Workcamp. It has been such an amazing experience each time I’ve gone, and I want to share a little bit of that today.

Catholic HEART is a little bit different than a typical mission trip. Instead of working with everyone in the group that you go with, you work with random people from parishes around the country. They put you in these groups and then for four days, you work on a project or various projects in the area around the community. This year, my group and another group spent our time bonding with and helping our residents, Ken and Debbie. Ken and Debbie lived in a small, cluttered house in a mountainous area in Betsey Layne, Kentucky. Their home was in desperate need of general repairs, but they couldn’t afford any of it. I will never forget how many times Debbie thanked us or the tears she had in her eyes when we had finished painting the whole outside of the house, staining the deck, and cleaning the yard. Ken had health problems, so she thanked us on behalf of the both of them, constantly saying how thankful she was to have us there.

One day, it started pouring while we were working, so all 16 of us huddled inside their small living room. Ken and Debbie opened their home and their hearts to us, sharing all sorts of stories about how they met, how he proposed, and eventually talking about some of the struggles they had faced. Despite everything they had gone through, they both had extremely strong faiths. While all of us were huddled in the living room, Debbie left and came back with some sheet music. All of us fell quiet as she sang to us, verse by verse praising a God that she knew to be with her no matter what. Unfortunately, I don’t remember everything that she said, but one line really stood out. Over and over Debbie sang “Oh how I’ve been blessed; God is so good to me; oh how I’ve been blessed”.

Let us pray:

Dear Lord,

Thank you for the opportunities you place in our lives to grow and be inspired by the other people that we encounter. Thank you for blessing us with everything and every opportunity we have and for being with us throughout the hard times as well as the good ones. “Oh how I’ve been blessed. God is so good to me, oh how I’ve been blessed”.


Mary, seat of wisdom, pray for us.