End-of-year Student Reflection

On this final day of the school year, thank you to Abby ’21 for sharing her prose-style poem from Creative Writing class that captures the essence of what we miss at Marist the most!

Dear Marist,

We miss you. We miss those early morning classes, waiting around in the hallway, laughing with our friends, the beginning of another great Marist day. We miss the birthday blessings, the blow horn on the mic, and each and every morning prayer. We miss the day-to-day classes, the rush between each one, the hustle of everyone trying and hoping to be on time, maybe even for the first time that term. We miss the hallway chats with our friends where those five minutes can bring the biggest smile and turn someone’s day around positively just by simply seeing your good friends or favorite teacher. We miss the lunches, even the lower cafeteria, where the sweetest Sage employees would serve us a variety each day of Marist food and always make sure that the famous Marist cookies would be in abundant stock. We miss the whole day and the schedule of who, what and where?  Am I going to class with each change of the hour? We miss the end the day, pulling enough energy through the last class and final announcements and hearing Mrs. Luke always cheering us up by telling us exciting and upcoming news in our community. We miss the after-school day: tutorial, extracurriculars, hanging in the Arcade, grabbing an afternoon snack at Sage, and packing up every schoolbook that you need for the night (we even miss carrying our oversized backpacks too). We miss the little things such as a smile from Fr. Ralph, trying to stay quiet in the library so you don’t get kicked out, Bella and Justin’s voices of “hey Marist fam,” every sport season, tailgates, talks with our teachers, saying hi to all the history teachers in the hallway, having a place to feel welcome in such as Campus Ministry or the Counseling Department, and hearing another friend from a different grade calling your name to say hi. We miss the hype Fridays and getting to go crazy at every Pep Rally or football game where you watch the band, the cheerleaders, and the players under those dimming Friday night lights. We miss the dances, the club meetings, every Wednesday late start morning, and the fun experiences that we had planned for the spring. And we miss especially our seniors who brought so much light to the school and will continue to forever be a class to be remembered. These, above all, are the parts of you, Marist, we love the most. Thank you for giving us such an amazing place to go to school and thank you for making us who we are today.

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