Share the Spirit

August 23, 2019
Opening of Term Assembly
Student Council Co-Presidents
Bella ’20 and Justin ’20 

Welcome back Marist Fam! Or welcome for the first time. We are happy to announce our Marist Fam theme for the year is Share the Spirit.

Sharing the spirit is more than just wearing crazy colors to football games on Friday night. It’s about the spirit in all of us and showing up when it counts. We want every football game, basketball game, soccer game, cross country meet, swim meet, robotics tournament, and theater performance to be filled with students and overflowing with War Eagle Fever.

Marist students have so much to offer and to celebrate. Whether it’s academics, athletics, or arts, Marist is teeming with talent. It is the Marist experience and the friends and memories you make here that will resonate with you forever. We challenge you to share your spirit. Whatever you like to do, wherever you like to go, and whatever makes you happy. Let’s share it with each other to make Marist a place where everyone feels connected and at home.

Spirit at Marist is different for everyone. It could be a friendship with your favorite teacher…the feeling when you drive onto campus under the big oak trees…the fierce glare in Coach Chadwick’s eyes under the Friday night lights…the “howdy” from Mr. Belland that echoes in the hallway…the cookies and smiles from Mrs. Mary in the cafeteria…the mountain of bags in the bag drop that shows how much we trust each other…the sign of peace at Mass that takes twice as long because we all love to hug and shake hands. Our school is extremely special because of the heart and soul we as a student body put into it and the bond that comes from it. That is what creates the Marist Fam.

Class of 2020, Seniors, we made it. This is the year to make it count. Not just for college but for Marist. As leaders of the school, we set the tone for everyone else. Let’s be remembered well and make this year the best one yet.

We are so excited for the year ahead and can’t wait to share the spirit with our family of 1,200 who always has our back. We’ll see you in the halls! @maristfam

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