Lenten Focus

Morning Prayer:
March 21, 2019
Prayer by Nora ’20

Last night, I was reflecting on the one thing that ties our school together: relationships. I started thinking about what makes up the Lenten season of the average teenager. I think most of us have stopped giving things up for Lent and started making resolutions to better ourselves. This Lent, I encourage each and every one of you to make a resolution to better your relationships. In the Church, Lent is supposed to be a time of fasting. For the average teenager, this can be put into the context of fasting from negativity and inauthenticity in our relationships. We can fast from negative talk towards ourselves and others, fast from gossiping and putting each other down, and fast from speaking without thinking first. I think that words have an incredible impact on our relationships, and if we use kind words and spread positive vibes, we can make a huge difference in our school community. Eventually, this positivity in our relationships will spread beyond our school and into the world. Between now and the end of Lent, I challenge you to find one person you have wronged and apologize to them, I challenge you to stay positive, and I encourage you to do all you can to help healthy relationships grow through authenticity and an open heart.

Let us pray:

Dear God, please help us cultivate healthy relationships based on good morals, kindness, and positivity. Amen. Mary, Seat of Wisdom, Pray for Us.


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