and we begin with Prayer…

Morning Prayer:
September 10, 2018
Prayer by Fr. David Musso, SM, Chaplin

One of the  reasons  that  parents  send  their  children to Marist, and  one of the reasons that students tell us they appreciate being  at Marist, is that we are a praying community. It isn’t that we  walk  around  all  day  long  murmuring   pious   words, or  that we see ourselves as  any more  holy  than  anyone  else, but  we  do  have  a  sense of the  importance  of  prayer in our lives.  We  acknowledge  the rightful  place  of  God  in  our classrooms, on our fields, and  even  now, as we begin the day for  a reflective  moment  in  the morning.  Prayer  is not only a way of  deepening our  relationship with God; it is a common bond  we  have with each other and a  method of discovering   who we are.  It  helps  us  to  better  understand  how  we  fit into the plan of God for us. We pray in thankfulness  and  celebration, and  in support  for  each other and for those we will never know.  We share the anguish of another’s loss and  find  comfort  in our own times  of  confusion and pain.  And  all  of  this is  a  gift from  God.  Our  hearts  cannot  leap  outward, or inward in  prayer, unless  God  is  there  first to  open  our  hearts as   the  source of all love.  As we begin this week, this day, we should remember that every moment is an opportunity to share with the God who gave us life and who  invites us to be with him forever.  He is, after all, always  with  us.

Let us Pray:

Loving God,

We  ask for the gift to always approach you in prayer.
Allow our hearts to be open,
…and in total  surrender to your loving care.
In the urging of our voices,
…in the flow of our rituals,
…in the utter silence of your whisper to our souls,
…may we come to know you better,
…and  to  better  serve  you,
…and  your children  here on earth.
Be with us this day, ..and every day of our lives.
We  ask  this  through  Christ  our  Lord,

Under the Name of Mary,


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