an Experience of “the Journey”

Morning Prayer:
February 16, 2018
Prayer by Sara Jane ’21

Last Tuesday a group of students and I went to Clarkston, GA to tutor and learn more about refugees.

While I was there, one of the most frequently asked questions to me was “how many more minutes do I have?” What they meant is how much longer are you going to spend with them. Each time I would try to avoid the answer because it made me feel guilty, but inevitably I gave them the truth. I had 30 more minutes, and I think I wanted to stay just as much as they wanted us too. The child I was with was named Shemi and he would always try and bargain with me for more time. “1000 more minutes,” he kept on saying. The thing is they wanted us there, and that is a luxury that the refugees do not have. Only 63% of people in the United States are willing to have refugees come into our country. That means that 37% of people do not want to give refugees a chance at a better life. I found that they were 100% welcoming to us, and we as a country need to have a more welcoming mindset and give them a better chance to survive and rebuild their lives. Let’s share the journey with immigrants and refugees.

Dear Lord,

Please give us empathy to better understand the plight of the refugees. May we have an open mind to learn more about these individuals and a mouth that says only kind words to them. May we have hearts that show love and what it means to be part of a community to refugees. May we have open ears that hear their calls for help, and helping hands that want to respond. But most of all, may we open our arms to welcome them into our country and communities.


Mary Seat of Wisdom Pray for us.

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