The Family Advisory Created

Morning Prayer:
December 14, 2017
Prayer by Ashley ’18

On the first day of high school, I hated my homeroom. I walked into the band room to discover none of my close friends were in sight. The room was pretty quiet and awkward that first day. On top of my disappointment, I had no idea what to think of my homeroom teacher, known for his loud voice and crazy shoes. Persistently holding onto my negative first impression, I anticipated dreading 8:15 every morning for the next four years of my life.

However, over time, my homeroom started to warm up to each other. Conversation buzzed over ninth grade homecoming and how hard biology was. Additionally, we slowly got to know our homeroom teacher: he revealed that he spoke a ton of languages, had lived in all these cool European countries, and was a lot wiser and more interesting than we thought at first. He even told us the meaning behind his wacky ties that featured famous paintings and music notes: he showed us it’s always cool to just be yourself.

Flash forward to schola brevis this year, as seniors. My whole advisory rushed into C250 to take a group picture of the family advisory time had created. This closeness was mostly due to the trust we had built over the years. I now know I can confidently tell my homeroom anything and the secret would stay between us. They share in my triumphs, my defeats, and my anguish over uniform detentions. I am very grateful for Mr. Craddock’s  advisory and everyone in it for being one of my favorite parts of high school.

Now, I’m not just telling you this story to encourage you to get to know the people in your homerooms, although you definitely should. Instead, I want to remind you that sometimes God doesn’t always give us what we want, but he gives us what we need. My advisory was what I needed to grow into who I am- I just didn’t always know it.

Let us pray:

Dear God,

Help us to remember to keep an open mind today and everyday.


Mary, seat of wisdom, pray for us.

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