Kindness Always Matter

Morning Prayer:
October 24, 2017

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and so here at Marist we are marking this important topic with Kindness Rocks Week. We choose to focus on the positive during this week because if everyone is being kind, then bullying isn’t an issue. In my years being a human on this planet, I know that even though being kind sounds easy, it often is not. Since we are all imperfect, things like jealousy, insecurity, and fear often get in our way and keep us from being the person God wants us to be.

I am blessed and cursed with a good memory. For example, I remember the time when I walked away from a friend in junior high school in order to join a group that I thought was cooler. I remember how much I’d hurt her. And I remember at prom gathering all of my girlfriends for a group picture. Except for one girl that I didn’t get along with at the time. No one said anything. We stood there posing and smiling, and then she walked up and saw it happening without her. I will never forget the look on her face.

And it’s good that I remember, because it motivates me to be a kinder person.
So, I ask you today and every day to try harder. To be better. To include. To choose NOT to spread the rumor. To keep your mouth shut if you don’t have anything nice to say. Because here is the thing. There are lots of times in life when our effort doesn’t pay off. Sometimes you study and study, but you don’t get the grade you wanted. Or you train hard, but don’t make the team or reach your goal. But with kindness, your effort pays always pays off.

Kindness always matters.

Let us pray.

Dear God –
Please help us to be better disciples of your love and kindness. Help us to resist the temptation to hurt others. Help us to reach out to those around us. To say a kind word, hold a door, stop to help, and to apologize when we need to. Help us to see the difference we can make in someone’s life by being better humans. Please give us the self-awareness and strength to do this, and to do better because we know better.

Mary, Seat of Wisdom, Pray for us.

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