Summer is Near…

Morning Prayer:
May 22, 2017
Prayer by Fr. David Musso, S.M., Campus Minister

This weekend 200 seniors walked across the stage in Centennial Center to receive their diplomas which declared them to be educated in the highest academic traditions of the state and grounded in the spirit of the Marist Mission. We are proud of them. As they leave Marist School to continue their growth, education and formation in colleges across the country, they do so knowing that they have received the best that we and their parents have to give, and that they will always have a connection to the Marist family, and students across many generations who carry the Marist name. They leave not simply having received the resources to succeed in the larger national and world community. They go out into the world to share those resources with all those they meet. They are to be examples of good character, models of compassion and leadership, and witnesses to a deeper truth – that must often stand against the shallow standards of the world they will confront.

In a couple weeks, Summer Vacation will begin for the rest of us, students and faculty alike. True, its only a temporary absence from the campus, but it is time for some rest and renewal that we all look forward to. We may go away to far and exciting places. We may go on mission trips, lead or attend a number of different kinds of camps, or visit family and friends. We might even meet and make new friends. Or, we might just hang out, go to the beach, and do nothing particularly exciting.

But very much like the seniors who have just become alumni, each of us leave carrying with us the opportunity and responsibility of continuing living in the Marist Way. Of being examples to others, and models of good character and high values. Be safe, have fun, and return with all of your enthusiasm and energy refreshed and renewed. Have fun; get some well-deserved R & R, and Go with God.

Let Us Pray

Loving God, As we enter the final weeks of this school year,
we ask your blessing on all of our activities and efforts.
It has been a year of growth, .. Of successes and failures,
and of joy and some sorrow.
We ask you to continue to guide and protect us
in the next few months,
and to give us the opportunities
that will allow us to be witnesses of your own love and goodness.
Bless those who have just graduated,
and continue to bless each of us in our journeys
as students, faculty, staff and administration.
Thank you for the year we are now ending,
and bring new and exciting possibilities
into our lives in the months ahead of us.
We make this prayer in the name of Jesus, our Lord and brother,
under the protection and guidance of Mary, our Mother.


Mary Seat of Wisdom—-Pray for Us

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