Make Sure There’s Enough Room for Everyone

Morning Prayer:
January 13, 2017
Prayer by Mr. Billy Vogelson, Campus Ministry

In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today in some way shape or form you will be challenged to think about what type of person you are and what type of person you want to be. I think these are good questions to ask myself every day. Because even though it is awfully inconvenient, I must hold myself accountable to who I am today and measure it against who do I want to be. And there are days that I don’t want to do that and I horribly fail at making those two things line up.

When I wake up late or don’t get out of bed when I’m supposed to… and take my time… fully not admitting that we are going to be 15 minutes late and stuck in traffic, and rather than just deal with it, and “see serenity in the moment”, I hurry my kids along and get frustrated when my 4-year-old is struggling with her jacket zipper because it’s stuck on the fabric, and my two-year-old can’t carry his own bag, and his milk cup, and walk down the front stairs, and I JUST CAN’T BELIEVE THESE PEOPLE I HAVE TO DEAL WITH!

Yeah, that’s not the type of Dad I want to be….I know I should do better than that.
And I can. I have the power to change my actions, in part because I have to. My actions affect people who are literally dependent on me… That can’t survive on their own. That need my help. And because I’m their Dad, it’s easy to do that…most days.

It’s a lot harder to care about people who I am not directly tied to. I think a lot about the Judgment of the Nations reading from Matthew 25 when it goes through the whole litany of folks who will inherit the kingdom of God and ultimately represent Jesus- the hungry I’m supposed to feed, the naked I’m supposed to clothe, the thirsty who need something to drink, the sick who need care, and the imprisoned that need companionship.

Honestly, these are a list of people that I really have no desire to hang out with… at all. I don’t know them and don’t really want to know them… and it sure doesn’t make much sense why they’re inheriting the kingdom because it sure sounds like they’ve got a lot of problems going on that might hinder how effectively they run the place…

And the story ends with “whatever you did for the least of mine, you did for me.” And that is tough, especially if the “least” shows up in the person I’d LEAST like to see today, or a person who has done the LEAST for me lately, or they could’ve at LEAST tried…but now they’re dependent on me to help them out.
And I know what I should do… help them, I mean, it’s pretty clear. But sometimes I don’t for some reason. Probably because God’s truth doesn’t change, but I have to.

It’s not easy to do the right thing, at all. But I’m not supposed to do life by myself. That’s why there’s family, friends, church and community who, when we’re all looking out for each other, makes it a lot easier to follow the Gospel. I mean, look at Jesus- he needed 12 people to help him out.
So whether you’re attending Mass today or the Assembly, my challenge to you is to be open… and not just learn something new, but open to God speaking to you in your heart. Because if you listen He’s probably saying two things:

1. I love you. Always.
2. Build my kingdom and make sure there’s enough room for everyone. No, for real, everyone.

Mary Seat of Wisdom, pray for Us. In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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