Bartholomew’s Blessing

Morning Prayer:
December 16, 2016
Prayer by Anna ’18

Once of my favorite Christmas books from when I was little, called Bartholomew’s Blessing, by Stephanie S. Tolan, describes a young mouse who is invited to come see the baby Jesus in the manger. He faces many challenges along the way and believes that he has nothing to bring to Jesus. I am going to read to you a brief passage:

“The prince will not notice me, Bartholomew told himself, but I’ve come this far. I can’t go home without seeing him.” Inside, the stable was filled with soft sounds of the animals breathing. Bartholomew, wet, bedraggled, and shivering, made his way forward between the legs of the other creatures. In a manger full of golden straw, a baby lay, waving his hands in the light that surrounded him. Bartholomew caught his breath in wonder. This was a baby – a prince – worthy of all the gifts he had meant to bring. Warmth and light filled Bartholomew. And the night was filled with blessings.”

Dear Lord,

Let us be like Bartholomew. As we approach this Christmas season, let our hearts be open to the light that Jesus shines upon each and every one of us. Help us to be open to embracing your light and love. Help us to remember the true reason for Christmas, the birth of our savior. Please continue to guide us to your light and help us to spread your light to other people.


Mary, Seat of Wisdom, Pray for Us.

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