Real Joy Comes From Giving…

Morning Prayer:
December 12, 2016
Prayer by Fr. Joel Konzen, S.M., Principal of Marist School

Good morning. We’re in our last week before Christmas break, and even though we just had a week’s break, we are all hungry for another one.

My thoughts as we are less than two weeks from Christmas are with those whose hunger is more basic than our hunger for a break. I worry that, especially given the policy changes I’m hearing might take place in the new year, the poor in our country might be even more invisible and forgotten than they are already. In every society, Christmas has been a time when even the stingiest of individuals have opened up and shared something of their good fortune. I thank those who have brought canned goods, have responded to Mrs. Shanahan’s requests for aid to families, and who have on your own thought of those who do not have a lot to celebrate this year, whose lives are still marred by lack of opportunity or by some misfortune.

It seems like a never-ending effort—to help the poor. Jesus himself said that you will have the poor with you always, but he didn’t mean that it was right to ignore them or to sigh and say, “there’s probably not much we can do.” The Letter of James says that if we see someone in need and say “Good-bye and good luck,” there is no good in that.

Let me again thank members of this community for the ways you have been generous to the poor this year, and I hope that in the days ahead you will find the chance to share more of what you have with those in need. Christmas is celebrated in our faith and in our hearts, and the older we get, our happiness comes from giving and not getting. Give especially to those who will treasure your gift because it means so much to them—and pray that we might always be aware of the poor in our midst.

Let us pray.

God of the rich and the poor, on this feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, we ask that in your Son Jesus you will help us to open ourselves to those whose way is hard and who suffer much because they lack the basic resources that ensure security and promise. Grant that we might be in some way a blessing to the poor and to know that you have filled our lives with so much that we want to share what we have with others. Your son Jesus said that when we offer aid to the least in the Kingdom, we are in fact ministering to Him. May we not tire of serving our Lord through service to others. This we ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Mary, Seat of wisdom, Pray for us.

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