an Expanding Heart

Morning Prayer:
September 13, 2016
Prayer by Mrs. Linda MacLean, VP Finance

Good Morning Marist!!

Today is my son’s birthday. He is the youngest of three, and turns 22. Before I go any further, to those of you sharing this day, happy birthday!

Birthdays were a big deal in our house. One of our traditions was to fill our kitchen patio door with silly pictures of the birthday boy or girl, complete with goofy captions. It was our way to celebrate and to remember lots of different things that we hadn’t thought about for a while.

I love birthdays for that reason. Birthdays remind me to think back and spend time with my memories. Last night, I thought about birthdays and the day that each of my kids were born, beginning with the birth of my first daughter. As a new mother, I was certain that my heart would burst with my love for her. Then, almost two years later, I was about to give birth to her little sister, and truthfully, as excited as I was, part of me was VERY scared. Why? Because I was not sure that I could ever love my second daughter as much as I loved my first…I wondered if there would be enough room in my heart to love another as much.

When she was born, I found out that my heart could expand and love her just as much. And then it happened again when my son was born.

As I was thinking about it, I realized that God gives us the gift of an “expanding heart” every single day. He knows that His love is so abundant, and he wants us to pour this love outward towards others.

Dear loving God,
This week, as we commission our peace pole, help us put your abundant love into action. Allow our hearts to expand to love each other, just a bit more, each day.

Mary, Seat of Wisdom, Pray for us.

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