Ireland Trip Recap

Packed up and ready to go, the War Eagle football team jetsetted 3,921 miles east to take on the Belen Jesuit Wolverines in Dublin, Ireland. Late Tuesday night the team, cheerleaders, and managers flew into Dublin. Fresh off their flight, they went straight to touring. First, the team got the opportunity to see Maldahide Castle and got in a practice in the cool 60-degree weather.

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The following day the team, cheerleaders, and managers had the opportunity to visit 3 Marist schools in Ireland: Channel College, Marist Primary School, and St. Mary’s College. Here they were able to learn that Marist schools are not all that different and are tied together by the fact that we are Marist.

Channel College

Channel College

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Following the school visits, the team got in another practice at University College Dublin and quickly went off to the parade and pep rally being held for us at Trinity College.

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(All the Georgia schools that attended: Blessed Trinity, Marist, and Westminster)

Finally, the big day was here! Friday morning the team went to Boyne Valley and then returned to the hotel to prepare for their big game. That afternoon, Marist defeated Belen Jesuit 27-0.

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The final day was spent watching the Georgia Tech v Boston College game. There, in a nail biting end, Georgia Tech won 17-14. After the game, Marist was able to go the banquet celebrating all the high schools that took part in the games. It was there that senior Jack O’Keefe received the Global Student Ambassador Award.

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All in all, this trip was such a blessing to take part in and surely created memories that will last a lifetime.

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