I Love You This Much!

Morning Prayer:
August 31, 2016
Prayer by Caroline Dietrich ’17

Growing up, my parents always wanted us to understand the importance of telling the people that we love just how much they mean to us. My parents tucked me into bed mostly every night. We’d read a story, say our prayers, and then we always liked to play a little game. My mom or dad, whoever it was that night, would begin by holding out their hands close together, saying “I don’t just love you this much” then spread out their hands a little farther apart, again saying “I don’t just love you this much” and again and again until finally their arms were stretched out as far as they possibly could saying, “I love you this much” implying that their love was more than they could possibly express.

We may not realize it, but the same thing happens with God.

God filled the world with so much beauty. He gave us mountains and valleys, sunsets, rivers and oceans but God said, “I don’t just love you this much”

He gave us our own minds, to think, to learn, to grow and to choose right from wrong. But again he said, “I don’t just love you this much”

He gave us people. Friends, family, teachers and role models. He gave us people who we can learn from, connect with and understand the beauty of community. But God said, “I don’t just love you this much”

Then God gave us Jesus. His son. His ultimate attempt for us to know just what we mean to Him. He gave us His son who was led to the cross for our sins. For our guilt. And it was there on the cross where Jesus stretched His arms out as far as He possibly could, that he, himself took our pain, our regret, our sin. It was there that God said, “I love you this much”.

We so often forget our importance to God because of how easy it is to feel insignificant in this huge world. But if you look around at His creations, the sky, the trees, the people sitting next to you, all of these things are a reminder of just how much we are loved by our father. Each day, each breathe, each mistake we make is a gift from Him, a message from Him saying, “I love you this much”.

Dear God,

Thank you for the gift of today. Please allow each of us to recognize your unending love by the gifts you have given us. Be with us and remind us that your love can overcome all things.


Mary, Seat of wisdom, Pray for Us.

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