“Who will stand up for nature”?

Morning Prayer:
February 11, 2016
Prayer by Mrs. Kelly Mandy, Science Department

You may have noticed it snowing this past Tuesday. I knew it was snowing because my students came running into my classroom and went right to the windows and stared at the snow as if they had never seen snow before. Seeing my students mesmerized by the snow led me to think about other times when I had seen students mesmerized by nature.

When I took a group of students to Alaska and we were lucky enough to see a glacier calve and fall into the ocean. They were mesmerized. When I took students to Costa Rica and we released baby leatherback turtles and watched their little bodies crawl across the sand into the vast ocean. They were mesmerized.

These memories then led me to a question I heard asked on a radio program I was listening to…the question was “Who will stand up for nature”?

That question has made me pause because I realized that nature has no voice. The ocean has no say about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch that is the size of Texas. The Brazilian Rain Forest has no say in the bulldozer that blazes through it every day to make room for palm oil trees. The Orangutan has no say in the destruction of habitat due to illegal logging of its home. West Nancy Creek has no say in the trash that flows into it on a daily basis.

So who will stand up for nature? Who will give a voice to the voiceless? Is it you? If so, how do you know? You know by the choices you make every day. Do you choose to turn the water off while you brush your teeth? Do you choose to use a refillable water bottle instead of a plastic one? Do you choose to take the time to sort your lunch trash so it doesn’t all end up in a landfill? Do you stand up for nature? And if your answer is “no”, then the question becomes “Will you”?

Let us pray:
Heavenly Father, we ask that you show us the way in how to love, respect and care for the wonders that you have given us in Earth, our home. Help us to be better stewards of your gifts. Show us how to give a voice to the trees, the waters and the animals that have no voice. Empower us to stand up for nature.

Mary, Seat of Wisdom
Pray for us

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