Morning Prayer:
December 16, 2015
Prayer by Fr. Harhager, S.M.

One theme running through the Advent Season is “waiting.” We remember Israel’s “waiting for the Messiah”. We are reminded of our own waiting for the Second Coming of Christ. And, of course, we wait for the coming Christmas Season when we celebrate God being born into our world and into our lives.

“Waiting” is something we experience on an almost daily basis. We can wait in the halls for school to start, or wait in traffic, or we wait in line at banks, stores, restaurants and airports. Waiting is such a common human experience; and one rarely viewed as positive or spiritual. It is more likely to be viewed as negative – leading to frustration, impatience and even anger.

Advent reminds us that we can transform these common ordinary experiences into positive and spiritual moments, if we use them as “quiet times” – silent points in our lives. Waiting can be positive and spiritual if used as hope-filled moments of anticipation and awareness of God still working His way into our lives. God is daily being born within us, not unlike His birth in Bethlehem many years ago.

Let us pray,

Almighty God,
We are thankful for times of stillness
which allow us to breathe in
the presence of Your Spirit in our lives
– Your Spirit who prays constantly within us.
Let these times of quiet – in our busy world –
heal us, refresh us, renew us
with a greater awareness of Your presence.
Help us to wait always with great anticipation and joy
for the fullness of your kingdom
which continues to be born in us and continues to shape our lives.
Blessed are You,
who lives within us, forever and ever. Amen.

Mary, seat of Wisdom: pray for us.

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