Thank a Teacher

Morning Prayer:
November 18, 2015
Prayer by Ananya ’16

It’s hard to believe first term is drawing to a close. At our grade-wide mass at the beginning of the year, each senior was assigned a teacher for whom we’d perform a random act of kindness.

And though the end of the year means rushed assignments and cramming for exams, I’ve had to think about what I’ll do for the teacher assigned to me. We owe a lot to our teachers. Maybe it’s senior year nostalgia, but I’ve begun to think about how our debt to our teachers can lie, innocuous and overlooked, in the back of our minds, buried deep under our frustration with theorems and rubrics and syllabi.

But you know you have at least one teacher for whom you’re especially thankful. His or her opinions might rub off on you, as you discover their quirks or weird obsessions — with Bruce Springsteen or college basketball or coloring books or podcasts. Around the end of the term, you might notice that, like you, they’re exhausted. So even if you don’t get around to thanking a teacher in person today, take a moment now to think of just one, or two or three — and send a prayer their way.

Dear God,

Thank you for our teachers and their unending passion and often thankless commitment to education. Let them know it doesn’t go unappreciated, and that the lessons they teach us now will remain with us long after we leave here.

Mary, Seat of Wisdom, pray for us.


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