Saints Among Us

The dead were seen walking the halls today.

No.  Not Zombies but figures from Church History!

It is that time of year again.  Mrs. Calabrese’s classes presented their “Saints Research Projects” with a first person narrative including dress.

Enjoy the photos courtesy of Mr. Brian Collier –

20151110-CalabreseChurchPeople-013 20151110-CalabreseChurchPeople-012 20151110-CalabreseChurchPeople-011 20151110-CalabreseChurchPeople-010 20151110-CalabreseChurchPeople-009 20151110-CalabreseChurchPeople-008 20151110-CalabreseChurchPeople-007 20151110-CalabreseChurchPeople-006 20151110-CalabreseChurchPeople-005

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