Humility is…

Morning Prayer:
November 9, 2015
Prayer by Fr. Harhager, S.M.

Humility is not thinking less of yourself than you ought. It is not low self-esteem. It is a wholly accurate appraisal of oneself.

Humility is not a personality trait. Some people may seem naturally humble but humility is not really natural to anyone. It is a state of being which we plant and foster in our lives. We grow into humility.

Humility is not something done in isolation. We become humble because we are right with God. And because we are humble, we set things right with our brothers and sisters.

Humility leads to action. We want to help others, see others do well and be well; rather than trying to make them feel less so that we can somehow feel like we are more, are better. Humility is service, kindness, gentleness. It’s being nice to one another. So, dude, be nice!

Practicing humility means acknowledging that God is the giver of all good things. And we do that by offering God our thanks.

Let us pray, in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirt.

Lord God, we thank you for your many gifts and providing for our needs. We recognize that all good things come from You. Help us to maintain a spirit of gratitude and humility. Wash our hearts of pride, that in lowliness we might better serve You and our brothers and sisters.
We love you, we praise you, we thank you; and we pray all of this that You may live in us and we do all for your glory. Amen.

Mary, seat of wisdom…. pray for us.

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