Dude. be nice.


This week we are celebrating “Dude. be nice.” week. Dude. be nice is a program of the counseling department created to inspire students at Marist to build a positive community by recognizing a person or group in a fun, creative and meaningful way. How does being nice affect your life?

Good for yourself
Doing nice things for people can affect your own happiness. Research from Stanford Business School found that people who regularly volunteer report having greater happiness and less depression (Greenberg, 2014). Something as simple as performing five random acts of kindness, six days a week will boost one’s happiness.

Good for others
It is simple. Do for others and they will feel a sense of appreciation, making them happier. One simple action can turn a person’s life completely around. By taking part in something unexpected and nice in one’s life, you are generating a dramatic shift in a positive direction, much known as the ripple effect (Labermeier, 2014).

Create a positive community
The explicit teaching of kindness and compassion fosters positive behavior. Research suggests that focusing on positive behaviors is crucial in creating a warm environment and reduces bullying (Curie, 2015). These positive behaviors, such as doing kind things for others, help set the foundation of a thriving community. Members of a flourishing community have trust, a sense of safety, are empathetic and see others more positively. A successful community is one that works together in team building, with the same common goals in mind. Team building helps to increase unity and balance in the community, creating an overall positive place to live.

Below is an outline of this week’s events. We hope you take the time to participate with us and just be nice!

Faculty members and student representatives will hand out DUDE. be nice stickers to students they see going above and beyond to be nice to others. They will provide an additional sticker for that student to hand out to another student they witness being nice to others.

This year’s big thank you goes out to the cleaning crew at Marist, who have been served a celebratory dinner and will be served ice cream on Tuesday evening.

SADD members will be collecting Fresh Produce for St. Vincent de Paul in the morning before school. Please help us restock their pantry with fresh fruits and vegetables!

Student Winners will be announced by Student Council memeber

Student winners and participating staff will wear “DUDE. be nice” t-shirts with jeans. MBC will feature Marist students thanking Mrs. Mary in the cafeteria for her endless smile, positive attitude, and being a part of the student’s everyday lives.

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