Socks! 1500 pairs of them.

1500 pairs of socks were collected at this morning’s all school Mass.  Here’s the backstory:


In Campus Ministry this year we have been even more intentional about inviting student input and participation in our all-school liturgies.  The student input has resulted in meaningful prayer experiences such as the class Masses on September 15 and the Rosary Day on October 7.  Our next all-school liturgy will be Mass on Wednesday, November 4, and it will include some new ideas.

As we enter the holiday (or holy day) season of Thanksgiving and Christmas both cultural and religious voices are calling us to give.  On November 4th, we want students to have a taste of the Gospel experience that giving is not necessarily easy or only from our excess, but true giving creates some discomfort and calls us beyond our selves.   Building on the phrase, “Give the shirt off your back,” we will ask students to give the socks off their feet.  Not literally!

We will ask each student to bring to Mass a small package of adult-sized new socks that will be donated to homeless shelters in Atlanta, such as Open Door and Central Presbyterian night shelter.  To experience the discomfort, students will be asked to wear school shoes without socks that day (or at least from the beginning of the day through the end of Mass).  This simple gesture will encourage students to feel the discomfort of giving, to make the connection between giving “the socks off their feet,” and challenge them to “walk the talk” of discipleship.  It will also be a strange and, therefore, memorable prayer experience.  The readings, the homily, and thoughtful moments of reflection interspersed in the Mass will help the students make these connections.

God bless-

Brian Freel

Director of Campus Ministry

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