Urinetown….the Muscial!!!

Urinetown….the Muscial!!!


Marist School is proud to present its senior high (10th – 12th grades) musical – Urinetown….the Muscial!!!

As many of you know, this ridiculously funny show tells the story of a fictional town in which water has become so scarce that the government has outlawed private toilets.  Citizens must pay to use a “public amenity” in order to tend to our most basic human needs, all of which are owned by an evil corporation (naturally).  Those who can’t pay, can’t go.  Those who avail themselves of the nearest river or bush are dragged off to “Urinetown….” a terrible place which no one as seen…and from which no one has ever returned.  But one young rebel rises from the rabble to lead the oppressed to lead the people to freedom…by any means necessary.

The show is also a glorious send-up of musical theater.  Look for elements of Les Miserables, West Side Story, Fiddler on the Roof, and many others.

Is that vague enough for you?  Ecological disaster, corporate greed, romance, a terrible title, and cops….lots and lots of cops?  What more do you need for an evening’s entertainment?!?


WHEN:                  March 25 – 28 (next Wednesday – Saturday), 7:30 PM.

WHERE:                Woodruff Auditorium

HOW:                    Tickets are on sale in the Campus Shop – the best $5 you will ever spend on evening’s entertainment!

OTHER:                 The show runs just about 2 hours – INCLUDING INTERMISSION!!!  And…despite the strange title, is appropriate for pretty much everyone, though some young children will not get the sophisticated humor.

Truth be told, this show is unlike anything we’ve ever done, and the students’ work is rock solid.  Looking forward to seeing you in the theatre.


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