Beginning Each Day with Prayer

Morning Prayer
February 24, 2015
Prayer by Mr. Raj Jose, Director of Technology

Last week I was reading the book “The four signs of a dynamic catholic” by Mathew Kelly. Chapter two talk’s about how do your best days begin?

Our life is a collection of days and some days are better than others. Why are some days better than others?

If all of us look back over the past couple of months, a few days were probably great, most days were average and some days were not so good; perhaps there were even a couple of days that were horrible. But what made the difference? Was it something outside our control or something within our influence?

How do your best days begin? Most people don’t know. They have a hunch, but they have never thought enough about it.

The first sign of a dynamic catholic is prayer. They begin their day with some type of prayer, a spiritual routine that focuses their day. Some settle down in a comfortable chair with their morning coffee. Others go to mass some focus their day by praying the morning offering. But all of them begin their day with prayer of some kind. When they don’t follow their routine they can feel the difference. They feel unfocused, stressed, less conscious of what is happening in and around them and disconnected from God.

Let us begin our day with prayer, however brief, and observe how it impacts the rest of your day.

Let us pray:

Dear God, Bless us on this new morning.  We ask you to open our minds and hearts that we may always be people of good will who bring life and joy to others. May we keep learning how to love others, even as you have loved each one of us. May your love support us whatever we find in the day that lies ahead.


Mary Seat of wisdom, pray for us.

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