Seeing Others through the Eyes of God

Morning Prayer
February 3, 2015
Prayer by Matt ’15

We’ve all judged someone at some point in our lives.  We made a quick assumption about them, made a race joke about their culture, or laughed at something they were wearing.  Maybe it was last week.  Maybe it was yesterday.  Or maybe it was this morning as you were walking in from the parking lot.  We all do it.  But why?  Why do we think that we have the right to judge a person for the way that they look, talk, or act?

Genesis Chapter 1, Verse 27 says:

27 …God created mankind in his own image,
in the image of God he created them;
male and female he created them.

It’s not our job to judge one another based on what we see, think, or hear.  That’s God’s job.  God made each and every person in his own image and likeness.  He made you in his own image and likeness.  That means that when we judge one another, we are judging God.  We are looking God in the face and telling him that He made a mistake.  We are questioning the decision that He made to make someone the way that they are.

Oftentimes our judgment is subconscious—we don’t even realize we are doing it.  We don’t realize the harm that could come from us thinking the worst and then acting on those thoughts.

But it matters.  God never wanted a world in which human beings judged one another for the color of their skin, their faith, their wealth, their age, their ability, their gender, or their sexual-orientation.  God never wanted anything like that.

When we keep from judging, we realize that every person has something different to offer the world.  Each person is different and unique, created not in my likeness or your likeness, but in God’s likeness.

And so today I challenge you to withhold judgment.  I challenge you to see the good in others and ignore their flaws.  I challenge you to see others through God’s eyes—as people worthy of all the love and respect that you can give them.

Let us pray.

Dear Lord,

You have made each of us in Your own image and likeness.  We thank you for our differences and our unique sets of gifts and talents that You have invited us to share with the world.  Help us to recognize Your presence in everyone that we meet, so that we may refrain from casting judgment upon Your creation.  Help us to grow closer as a community through ardent love of neighbor and service to others.  May everything that we do this day and always be done to glorify Your name.

Mary, Seat of Wisdom, Pray for us.

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