The Importance of Fellowship

Morning Prayer: The Importance of Fellowship
November 10, 2014
Prayer by Fr. Joel Konzen, S.M., Principal

Good morning. Occasionally, I have the chance to talk with students about the things they do outside of Marist. Just as you students are sometimes surprised to hear of the hobbies and commitments that teachers have in their personal lives, I am maybe not surprised but happy to be reminded of the things that students do outside of school, from working weekend jobs, to church youth groups, to riding horses and rowing and hockey, and taking care of younger sisters and brothers, or volunteering in spots that no one at Marist knows much, if anything, about.

It’s great when all of us can round out a bigger picture of the people we pass in the hallways every day. In the Marist Way programs, one of the pillars, or goals, is fellowship. That means just spending time with one another in informal exchanges. When I do that with adults—parents or faculty and staff—I often get an understanding for the extra cares that people shoulder: caring for elderly parents, worrying about children’s concerns, the need to travel to comfort a friend in difficulty, the lack of time to do the things we say we’d like to do.

As much as we value loyalty at Marist and recognize that the school can occupy us seven days a week, we have to admit that being all-Marist all the time is not so healthy either. As students or as adults we are of greater value to each other when our experiences encompass more than what happens within these walls. And we are enriched by sharing our experiences with one another. Our friends may be limited to a certain number, but our fellowship doesn’t have to be. I’m thankful for the broad spectrum of interests and activities represented on this campus, and I’ll never know the half of it. Still, I enjoy hearing about what else people do besides the part we see each day.

Let us pray.

In the name…

O God, we give you thanks for the wealth of human company and possibility that is assembled around us at Marist each day. Help us to be open to knowing the individuals we accompany on the path to our various goals, and bless each one in knowing how best to serve you. We trust that you have put us together for a reason and that we will support each other in order to assist those around us and to build up your church on earth. May we be especially mindful of any who are sorrowful or discouraged. All this we ask through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Mary, Seat of Wisdom. Pray for us.

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