Dude. Be Nice. Prayer.

Morning Prayer: Dude. Be Nice. Prayer.
October 30, 2014
Prayer by Champ ’16

Take a moment right now to clear things off your desk and think about a time when someone did something nice for you. (Pause for thinking) A simple “thank you,” “you’re welcome,” or even a “how are you doing?” goes a long way to make someone’s day from being a bad one to an even better one. On Monday, we talked about a phrase for this week… “Dude, Be Nice.” This phrase refers to all the random acts of kindness that we may do, but not even realize. These three words can someone’s mind before they decide to act. So, today I encourage everyone to keep these three words in mind before you do anything. You never know when you might do a random act of kindness that may change someone’s day or have something nice done to you that can change your own day.

Let us pray
Prayer: Dear God, thank you for all the small things that we have done in our daily lives. Help us to keep kindness within our hearts. Help us to have a great day. Amen.

Mary Seat of Wisdom. Pray for Us.

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