Slow Yourself Down…

Morning Prayer: Slow Down and Take Time to Pray
October 28, 2014
Prayer by Ryan ’15

Wake up
Get dressed
Go to school
After school Activity
Our life is like clockwork… most of what we do is an organized pattern; and I am a daily violator of this. My days are booked so tight it is like my own happiness isn’t a priority. When our lives demand that it comes first and we HAVE to get our regime done, we lose whatever time we have left for God. Too many times have I, and I’m sure others, said “I am going to pray more” and when the time comes to pray we are so tired from the day we forget… and we remember the next day and say “Im going to tonight for sure”… and then it happens again, and again, and again. We let the temporary get in the way of what is better for us in the long term. The stresses of school and our social lives overwhelm us and dominate most of what we say and do. The irony is… we KNOW this is bad for us, we KNOW our grades don’t reflect who we are as people, we KNOW we shouldn’t stress too much about the D we got on a test…. Yet we do. Life is a speeding car we just can’t get out of. There is a disconnect today that was caused by the bigger, better, and faster mentality we all signed up for. Just a 5 meager minute time out at one point in the day can save us from ourselves. Taking a small amount of time can strengthen the relationship we stray away from with God. And if you forget, that’s okay, the mere decision to try is a step out of the craziness.

Let us pray.

Dear God,
Thank you for all your everlasting love you give us on a daily basis. Please give us the strength to pull ourselves out from the chaos of the world and devote time to the relationship we treasure so much.


Mary seat of wisdom, Pray for us.

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