World Mission Day Message

Morning Prayer: World Mission Day Message
October 21, 2014
Prayer by Fr. David Musso, SM, Campus Minister

For those who attended Mass in parishes yesterday, you may have noticed a special emphasis on the importance of outreach services and mission work throughout the world. Yesterday was World Mission Day, and every year, every parish, in every country, is asked to focus on the Call that every Christian has: to spread the Gospel. In fact, throughout the World, World Mission is celebrated during the entire month of October. But all Christians, everywhere, and always, are called to continue the Mission of Christ in our world. Some do this by how they live, and the Christian example they give. Some do this by supporting programs which promote educating people about Christian values. And some do this by taking on the challenge (and adventure) of going to far off lands to be the witnesses of Christ in our world today. However done, the message is the same: To build a better world for all of God’s people; a world where everyone has all that they need to live a dignified and fulfilling life. A world with more care and compassion; a world of forgiveness and hope. This was Christ’s Mission, and all we need do, is to look around us to know that his Mission is not yet completed. We, who follow him, are given the task and privilege of continuing his mission. To build a better world requires that each of us give a little more of ourselves, so that ALL people may come to know, and have, a bit more of our God in their lives. Let us thank God for the opportunity to be active participants in this Mission, and through us, to bring peace and salvation to all the world, in His Name.

Let Us Pray:

Loving God, Your love for us is so great, that you sent your son to become one of us, to teach us how to live, and how to return to you. Not everyone has heard his message, not everyone has taken the directions for the road that leads to you. Allow us to continue His mission, with, of, and in him, so that all the world may gain peace, joy, and fulfillment. May your Kingdom be fully established on earth, so that we may share the kingdom in heaven, forever.


Mary Seat of Wisdom—-Pray for Us

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