Morning Prayer: Mothers
May 12, 2014
Prayer by Fr. Bill Rowland, S.M.

A couple of years ago, I attended the Marist Mothers prayer group. These mothers meet faithfully every first Friday of the month.  They begin with a discussion about some aspect of our faith and then they end with prayer. They pray for their children, for the students, faculty and staff at Marist, and for each other.

I came to the meeting in May. This is the meeting when those mothers whose sons and daughters will be graduating from Marist are encouraged to share their feelings about that.

The mothers shared how much their children had matured while at Marist and how it seemed like only yesterday that their child was just that: a child. Now, they were young adults. They talked about how proud they were of them, how excited they were for them as they prepared to go to college, the fears and apprehension that sometimes haunted them because they know the dangers that are out there. Those mothers whose last child was graduating Marist talked about how much they will miss all the other parents with whom they had become friends and the void they will feel because their weekdays and weekends won’t be filled with activities associated with their children. They recalled how they had looked forward to no longer being stuck in traffic while going to yet another school function. Now that reality was upon them,  it didn’t bring them the peace and satisfaction they had anticipated. They ended their sharing with prayers that were heartfelt and earnest as they entrusted their son or daughter to God’s loving providence. It is not easy to let go and to let God. The tears flowed freely.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. It doesn’t seem right for us to let that day go by and not to pray for our mothers at Marist. They keep vigil for us students, faculty, and staff through their prayers as do those mothers who meet faithfully every Friday morning after Mass to pray the rosary on our behalf.

Let us pray:

We pray for young mothers, who give life and count toes and tend to our every need; May they be blessed with patience and tenderness to care for their families and themselves with great joy.

We pray for our own mothers who have nurtured and cared for us; May they continue to guide us in strong and gentle ways.

We remember mothers who are separated from their children because of war, poverty, or conflict; May they feel the loving embrace of our God who wipes every tear away.

We pray for women who are not mothers but still love and shape us with motherly care and compassion.

We remember mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers who are no longer with us but who live forever in our memory and who nourish us with their love.   Amen.


Mary, seat of wisdom, pray for us.

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