Three people I’d like you to meet

Morning Prayer: Three People
May 5, 2014
Prayer by Fr. John Buldoc, S.M.

I’d like to introduce you to three people.  Marvin was sleeping in an abandoned car outside the church.  I was shoveling outside.  “Man,” he rolled down the window to shout at me, “you don’t have to make such a racket when a guy’s trying to sleep.”  Marvin would never take your money.  Thieves can’t take what you haven’t got.  When he died, the church was full.  He was know all up and down Nostrand: the gentle, helpful homeless guy.  We can pray to Marvin.

Sarah was a fourth grader at St. Francis School.  St. Francis’ statue had had its head cut off by vandals, determined to rid the Church of Idol worship.  The NYPD treated it as a hate crime with TV 24/7 coverage.  CBS news came on the scene, live.  Sr. Teresa sent her fourth graders around the statue.  The reporter asked Sarah, “When they catch who did this, what should they do to him?”  In her Trini (Trinidad) accent, Sarah said without a pause, “Well, we would have to forgive him.”  Sr. Teresa and I smiled.  St. Francis, without a head that morning, preached a sermon.

I was in Havana walking up a hill after class when I saw a man coming down the other side.  Reaching closer I saw the ugliest person I had ever, ever seen.  He had an enormous bump on is forehead, another where his eye should have been.  His cheek protruded, his lips hung over, and he seemed to have two disfigured necks.  He slowed as though he wanted to cross the street toward me.  I made fast, passing him, so as he, without a chance, wouldn’t stop to talk to me or beg a peso.  I did not want to have to see him anymore.  But, you know, I see him every day.  Months ago Pope Francis hugged a man, disfigured.  He looked just like my man; Francis hugged him, a man who looked just like my man.  I am so humbled.  Don’t miss a chance to give a hug to Christ.

I’ve introduced you to three people.  Marvin, Sarah, and one whose only name I know is Christ.

Mary, seat of wisdom, pray for us.

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