Peace by Piece – a visit to the W D Mohammed School

On Friday, April 25, 2014, Marist School students spent the day at the W D Mohammed School.

Under the auspices of the Faith Alliance of Metro Atlanta (FAMA), Peace by Piece aims to promote respect and understanding among Jewish, Christian and Muslim high school students.

Peace by Piece is part of a network of young leaders who meet with their counterparts at the Weber School,  Marist School and the W D Mohammed School, aiming toward open conversation and mutual respect, building trust and understanding.

Students spend a full day at each school, participating as observers in religious ceremonies, attending panel discussions about religious tenets, and learning about the history and culture of each faith.

Students commented on their experiences:Three together

Henna Drawing

Henna Drawing


“I loved going to the W D Mohammed School because I have never seen the traditional prayer service before. It was interesting seeing them call the prayer and do all of the prostrations. I thoroughly enjoyed how we brought up problems in the world like abortion, stem cell research, gay marriage, etc. and discussed them in each religions point of view. The henna and being able to have one of the girls put a hijab on for me was something I had never experienced, and I felt like every person there really wanted to show us and invite us into their culture.”


WD Mohammed

“I really enjoyed watching them pray, and seeing the similarities and differences between their method of prayer and ours. I learned a lot more about Islam, and I loved hearing how passionate each person was about their faith. Getting a henna tattoo was a really fun way to learn more about their customs.”

Learning to put on a hijab

Learning to put on a hijab

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