the Sharkinator

Morning Prayer: the Sharkinator
February 25, 2014
Prayer by Joe ’15:

Now I’ve been here at Marist since the seventh grade, and I have never known how and where this whole Morning Prayer deal goes down. So to illuminate Marist on this mystery, I’m in a secret room behind the main office chilling with Ms. McGregor who is right next to me.  Pretty chill environment if I do say so myself.  So this morning I’d like to share with ya’ll a story. It happened back when I was five years old. I was a cute little dude…still am… and every Sunday after church my family and I would go to our favorite café, and then to a store next to it. One Sunday morning upon arriving at the store, something in the toy section caught my five year old eye. With the speed of a studly cheetah, I squeaked over to it in squeaky shoes, and as Nicholas Cage found National Treasure, I found a hot wheels invention of epic proportions – The Shark Park – a toy race track that had more bite then bark. With the speed of two studly cheetahs, I squeaked back to my mom. “Mom can you buy that for me pllleeeeassse?” The response was these evil words she still uses, “If you can save up the money you can buy it yourself”.  Extra chores were in my future.  The park was worth it though. It engulfed my thoughts. With a loaded piggy bank I made my return and walked into the store like “what up… I’m going buy the shark park”. When I was handed that box, I remember that being one of the happiest moments of my life. I assembled that bad boy in my room, and as a final touch, I threw a towel over it imagining a cool unveiling event. Now as anybody does with a new cool thing they own, I decided to show it off. I called up my friend Paul and he came over the next day. When Paul came inside, I eagerly brought him to my room and proudly stood next to the sharkinator. In a pathetic display of “showingoffmanship”, I pulled the towel off and to my dismay, half the park came with it.  It was a matter of seconds before PTSPD (Post Traumatic Shark Park Disorder) hit me. I started balling, like Kobe Bryant balling. I had just demolished my bread and butter and in front of my best friend. Now I’m guessing many of the priests and faculty at this point are wondering where I’m going with this story. Well here comes the game changer. With no laughs, no “nice one” look, Paul, my five year old friend, without a word started putting the shark park back together. In silence we restored not only the physical toy, but my happiness. That simple act of kindness strengthened our friendship. That simple act of kindness created a genuine moment of coming together between two friends.  That simple act of kindness taught me a lesson I have never once forgotten.

Let us pray – Dear Heavenly Father, today we ask you for strength. Strength mentally to remember your teachings throughout the whole day, not just part of it. Strength physically in order to carry out your will in actions guided by your grace. Strength emotionally to overcome our personal burdens so we can help relinquish those of others. Strength to carry out simple acts of kindness throughout our day to everyone around us. Because a simple act of kindness can make somebody happy; because a simple act of kindness can not only create a genuine moment of coming together with the other person, but also with you God; and because a simple act of kindness can touch somebody forever.  Amen.

Mary Seat of Wisdom… Pray for us

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