Vocational Prayer

Morning Prayer: Vocational Prayer
January 28, 2014
Prayer by Mr. Drew Ditzel ’01; Marist Theology Teacher:

Some of you are being called into the ministry. I know that is weird and kind of bold of me to say, but it’s true.

Trust me, I know you are not supposed to be a minister. I know you are supposed make money as easily and enjoyably as possible. But sadly, that is no one’s vocation. No one is special for wanting that. I currently also want that. And it is very easy to take what we want and think it is the way it is supposed to be.

But what vocation is is a claim that God is bigger than the way things are supposed to be. That a job can be more than a paycheck. It can be a place we encounter and pursue God.

I get to say the prayer today during religious vocational week because I am an ordained Presbyterian minister. And when I was deciding to be a minister, I had lots of thoughts. I remember being afraid I was going to let down my parents. That I was not good enough to be a minister. That people would judge me. That I would miss out while others were going after what we were all supposed to be going after in other jobs.

And then one day as I was supposing what other occupations would be better than minister, it dawned on me that if we are talking about what is supposed to happen with this life it is that I am supposed to work for a while and then die. That is everyone’s real supposed to.

But dang it if I didn’t worship the God of resurrection. So maybe I should stop thinking the things that are supposed to happen are going to give me peace and start wondering where the God of life might be calling me to do.

And I tell you the most freeing day of my entire life was the day I told my parents I was feeling called to be a minister. Not because that is what everyone’s job is supposed to be but it is where my vocation was.

I wonder where your vocation is?

Lord God,

Take the chains of what is supposed to be away and help us to dream what is possible. Turn the death of work and resurrect it into a vocation. Soften our hearts so we don’t feel the need to declare our future but can listen to where we may be called. Give us faith to believe we are your beloved people far above anything else.


Mary, Seat of wisdom, Pray for us.

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