Bait and Switch

Morning Prayer: Bait and Switch
December 4, 2013
Prayer by Mr. Drew Ditzel ’01; Marist Theology Teacher:

A few years ago, I sat down to watch the movie Up with my wife. I was ready for a light hearted affair ala Finding Nemo. Amelia and I would share a few laughs. Have another exhilarating Friday night that ended by 9:30. It was going to be a great evening.

So imagine my surprise when eight minutes into the movie I found myself crying like a little child. I thought “kids watch this? How is this movie not rated R? I am balling my eyes out. This is some serious emotional manipulation.”

Pixar pulled a bait and switch. I don’t like bait and switches. I felt tricked and surprised.

You are probably feeling a bit of bait and switch right now. Why is this guy talking so much? I have homework that has become school work to do. I have rats to snowboard with and trucks to race. Pray and be done with it.

But the thing about the bait and switch, while we don’t like them at first, we remember them. I remember where I was sitting on my couch when Up ripped my heart out and trampled tears out of it. I remember what time of day it was, that it wasn’t quite dark.

With prayer, we think we know what is going to happen. Someone talks. We sort of listen. And then we mumble Mary Seat of wisdom and we move on. We don’t remember any of it.

Because deep down, we don’t think there is any chance of a bait and switch. We don’t think anything different is going to happen. We don’t think God is going to change anything. If we did, we would be wide awake. On edge to make sure someone doesn’t pray for God to do something we don’t have any interest in doing. If we did, we would treat prayer like the dangerous thing that it is.

This morning in the middle of my prayer, I am going to give you a moment of silence to lift your own prayer up. Maybe this morning you will pray differently. Like you don’t know what is going to happen once you say it. Pray like you will remember this moment. Pray like God might do something you could never expect like answer.

Good morning God,

Give us focus. Let us rest for at least one moment today here. Listen to our prayers this morning as we silently lift them to you.

 (silent moment)

Jesus, we admit we don’t think anything is going to happen. Bait and switch us Lord. And give us the faith to notice when you do.


Mary Seat of Wisdom …pray for us.

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