Peace by Piece

Each year students from the W.D. Mohammad School and Weber School join students at Marist School for a day of interfaith outreach as part of the Peace by Piece program.  Peace by Piece is a high school program sponsored by the Faith Alliance of Metro Atlanta. It began ten years ago and its goal is to foster interfaith fellowship and understanding among students at a Muslim school, a Christian school, and a Jewish school. It involves fourteen students from each school.  Marist is the Christian school in the program.  Students are expected to participate in a few before-school meetings, social events with the students from the other schools, and visits to the schools during the school day that includes the experience of that school’s worship practices.  At Marist the students attend an all school Mass and have the opportunity to explore the Christian faith.  This is repeated at the other schools so that by the end of the year, all students have had the opportunity to experience a different faith tradition and learn about it from their peers.  We also sponsor a joint service project with the other schools.  We have discovered that students are genuinely hungry to learn about other faiths and traditions.

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