My Own Holiday Tradition

My Own Holiday Tradition: by Mary Helen

Every year Marist School hosts hundreds of vendors on campus for a huge arts and crafts show called Holiday Traditions, and each year it gets bigger and better. Every year, my friend Anna and I go and walk around together. We make sure to set aside a few hours each year to get some shopping done and enjoy each other’s company. It is the kickoff to our holiday season.

Usually around Wednesday the week before Holiday Traditions, you begin to see signs of preparation on campus. Spaces are chalked out in the arcade for vendors, extension cords are spread out, and Christmas decorations are put up. You can feel the positive spirit in the air. That energy continues throughout the preparation to the day of the fair. Everyone is getting in the holiday spirit, so it is a happy time to be around campus.

Through our many trips to Holiday Traditions, Anna and I have learned that going later is best. Not only is there less of a crowd, but prices are also slashed towards the end of the day (a little shopping tip for next year, haha). I love walking around and shopping for gifts. There are so many cool booths with everything from bird houses, to hand knit mittens, to beautiful paintings. Without a doubt, my favorite place to stop by each year is the student vendor area. Each year I am amazed by the talents of Marist students. Coming from me, one of the least artistically gifted people in my family, it might not mean much, but the students always impress me. For example, one of my friends makes candles with his mom and sells them every year. And this year another boy in my grade was selling prints of gorgeous water colors he had painted. Plus, there are a lot of girls selling cute, hand-made jewelry. It is a great way to find out about talents you might not know people had and also for students to share talents with not only each other but also the community outside of Marist.

Anna and I come back each year not only for the great holiday shopping, but also to see people we know. Holiday Traditions serves as a gathering place for the Marist community and the greater community around Marist School. You are likely to see tons of Alumni, current students, teachers, and even friends from other schools as you walk up and down the rows. It is a fun time to relax and catch up with people you might not see very often. Plus, it is amazing to see the community come together and create such a great event each year.

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