Oh, how I’ve been blessed!

Morning Prayer: Oh, how I’ve been blessed!
Mission Trip Week – October 22, 2013
Prayer by Katie ’15:

For the past two years, I’ve gone on a mission trip called Catholic HEART Workcamp. It has been such an amazing experience each time I’ve gone, and I want to share a little bit of that today.

Catholic HEART is a little bit different than a typical mission trip. Instead of working with everyone in the group that you go with, you work with random people from parishes around the country. They put you in these groups and then for four days, you work on a project or various projects in the area around the community. This year, my group and another group spent our time bonding with and helping our residents, Ken and Debbie. Ken and Debbie lived in a small, cluttered house in a mountainous area in Betsey Layne, Kentucky. Their home was in desperate need of general repairs, but they couldn’t afford any of it. I will never forget how many times Debbie thanked us or the tears she had in her eyes when we had finished painting the whole outside of the house, staining the deck, and cleaning the yard. Ken had health problems, so she thanked us on behalf of the both of them, constantly saying how thankful she was to have us there.

One day, it started pouring while we were working, so all 16 of us huddled inside their small living room. Ken and Debbie opened their home and their hearts to us, sharing all sorts of stories about how they met, how he proposed, and eventually talking about some of the struggles they had faced. Despite everything they had gone through, they both had extremely strong faiths. While all of us were huddled in the living room, Debbie left and came back with some sheet music. All of us fell quiet as she sang to us, verse by verse praising a God that she knew to be with her no matter what. Unfortunately, I don’t remember everything that she said, but one line really stood out. Over and over Debbie sang “Oh how I’ve been blessed; God is so good to me; oh how I’ve been blessed”.

Let us pray:

Dear Lord,

Thank you for the opportunities you place in our lives to grow and be inspired by the other people that we encounter. Thank you for blessing us with everything and every opportunity we have and for being with us throughout the hard times as well as the good ones. “Oh how I’ve been blessed. God is so good to me, oh how I’ve been blessed”.


Mary, seat of wisdom, pray for us.

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