Encourage the Storm!

Morning Prayer: Encourage the Storm
August 2013
Patrick ’14

This summer I spent a week at a camp at the University of Notre Dame called ND Vision.  The week was focused on answering God’s call in our lives.  One of the first nights of camp, there was a speaker who was talking about truly opening your heart to God.  As he spoke, he used a phrase that has stuck with me long after I left.  He compared God’s love to a hurricane and said the key was to “encourage the storm”.  He went on to explain that this means allowing God to tear up everything that we think we can control in our lives.  Now being a Marist student, giving up control seems like the scariest of prospects.  It is so much more comfortable to keep God in those neat little boxes where I can reach him when I need to, but my life can go on without change.  What I have realized is that although living seems so much simpler, it is really a barrier standing between us and God.  God’s love is not organization; it is beautiful chaos.  “Embracing the storm” is about letting go and allowing God to rip away everything separating us no matter how scary it may seem.  It means ignoring the screaming voices worrying inside your head and allowing that whisper in your heart to be the guide.

Let us pray-

Dear Lord,

Help us to embrace the storm in our lives today.  Help us let go of our fears, desires, and burdens and be swept away by your love.  Grant us the trust to give up control and instead rely on faith.

Mary, seat of wisdom, Pray for us.


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