A Person’s a Person No Matter How Small

Morning Prayer: A Person’s a Person no Matter how Small
Respect Life Week – October 9, 2013
Prayer by Joanna ’15 and Hilary ’15:

A poem by Laura Graham Fetters:

Plain or pretty
Skinny or Fat
A person’s a person
I like it like that.

And if you speak funny
Like some of us do..
Guess what? You’re a person!
Oh my yes. It’s true.

Are you somewhat nutty?
A bit off your rocker?
You still count my dear friend
(I know it’s a shocker!)

If you have some limbs
That don’t work so well,
You’re 100 percent people..
This fact I do tell.

Do you like to eat liver?
(Though I think it’s gross).
That still makes you human
And to you I toast!

Your brain may be slow
or yet, fast it may be
But the fact still is this-
You suit God to a T.

Perhaps you are old
And your skin doesn’t fit.
But that doesn’t matter
Not one little bit…

Or maybe you’re tiny
And can hardly be seen
You are no less a person
To say so is mean.

Because you ARE a person
The most awesome of all…
And a person’s a person
No matter how small.

Let us pray:

God, we are often faced with very difficult decisions in our life – where we go to college, what we want to do with our lives, how we want to be viewed as a person. But decisions about respecting each other – those shouldn’t be difficult.

God, grant us the courage to make a choice that will make us better people.  Help us all to understand and accept one another and realize that we are all unique in our own way.

Amen.  Mary Seat of Wisdom. (Pray for us)


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